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Gloria Otero

At the age of fifteen, Gloria received a Certified Title as a dance instructor from the prestigious Conservatorio Alvistur in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At that early age she formed her own Dance Troupe and started to teach children of all ages how to dance.  She has toured internationally, receiving accolades throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Her passion and advocacy for the arts, education and wellness has led her to create a different approach of teaching. Gloria has created a tango dance program for the blind at the Braille Institute in Los Angeles, where she has volunteered for several years.

Gloria is a certified kids and Teens Yoga instructor. She combines Yoga, meditation and mindfulness in her classes; bringing a greater health, happiness and well-being into the children's lives. She is the creator and director of the Kids of Tomorrow program. She has also develop a new way to teach kids the art of Reiki healing. 

Gloria is a Reiki master teacher, past life regression therapist (QHHT) and sound healer.  She helps and guide kids, teens and adults to awaken to their missions as well as to make positive changes in their lives and achieve a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. 
As a sound healer she has created a music album called “Creation to Ascension”.  In this album she combines binaural sounds with healing energy, helping people to relax, meditate and reach an optimal health.

Currently Gloria travels around the world sharing her wisdom and knowledge 


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Andrew Palmer

During his time at college Andrew began working within the solar cell industry.  After getting his degree as a mechanical engineer he worked in a variety of engineering jobs such as electronic materials processing,  semiconductor manufacturing, data analysis, and solar cell development. Andrew is currently an engineer manager at Spectrolab, a subsidiary of Boeing, where he and his team develop solar cells that can be found on satellites, the international space station, and the robots sent to Jupiter and Mars. Spectrolab is the worlds leading supplier of space solar cells and has broken many world records on efficiency.

His fascination with 3D printing technology led him to take a course provided by MIT on additive manufacturing. Not satisfied with commercially available 3d printers, Andrew modified an open source printer to design his own advanced and highly efficient printer.


His military background combined with his adventurous spirit led him to design courses for children meant to teach both navigation and life skills.  Andrew has the ability to connect with kids and explain even the most complicated information in a simple manner to help the children grasp the concepts being taught.  

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