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"Kids of Tomorrow is such a wonderful and unique program that we needed in our family. Since my daughter and I have been attending classes, I've seen such a growth within my daughter. She's always been a happy, loving, and caring child, but with Gloria's guidance and knowledge in many different areas, my daughter is finding a confidence in a part of her that had not previously shined. I'm finding that I'm becoming a more patient mother and we both look forward to these classes. If you are considering any type of extra activity to have in child's life, consider the Kids of Tomorrow program. You will see a beautifulness in your child that you have not yet witnessed. Thank you Gloria!" 

Carrie Celaya

“Kids of Tomorrow has become a mainstay in our family's life and the classes are something we look forward to each week. Our children are not only learning useful life skills in the classes, but also how to be more centered, mindful and well-rounded overall. Gloria is very insightful and it's evident that she truly cares about helping the children in her classes learn as much as possible, while still enjoying themselves and having fun with their classmates. She provides ample opportunities for the children to really get hands-on with what they are learning in every class. For example, in our last class, we learned about GPS, directions, and compass and map reading. To execute what the children had just learned, families went on a scavenger hunt, using compass and map directions and were rewarded for their newly found navigational prowess with goodie bags at the final destination. It was a fun way to learn, interact and get our bodies out in the fresh air and moving. Every class we have attended has been just as, if not more, entertaining and educational! We feel very fortunate to be a part of Kids of Tomorrow and highly recommend it to any family looking for a more progressive and forward-thinking form of extracurricular learning for their children.”

The Petet Family

“Since my son Wyatt is part of kids of Tomorrow he is more aware of other people's feelings and increase his interest to learn about caring for the planet…”

Paula Rosello

"Kids of Tomorrow Class by Gloria Otero is a supremely designed class with emphasis on different subject matters from gardening to science, rock formations and geodes. The emphasis is about understanding the learning styles and interests of each child for the purpose of promoting their growth in the areas of their interests and talents. Each class embarks on the spiritual side with yoga and meditation to help kids focus and stay alert. An amazing experience for all children!”

Isabel Folgado

“Kids of tomorrow helped my kids in different ways, they discover every class something new. The classes are totally different so they learn things that they won't find in another place. My kids also learnt how to meditate and relax themselves. After the class they teach me the things they have learnt. I wish every kid could take this classes”

Vanesa Duvison Kunis


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