Our Classes include:


The day begins with fun stories expressed through different yoga postures. The children go on fun and wonderful journeys as the heroes in their own adventure, building their strength, balance, and confidence in the process. Classes are inclusive and offer a complete form of physical exercise in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Regular practice of yoga can have the following benefits:

  • Postures help recharge a weak immune system and strengthen the core

  • Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels

  • Relaxation techniques help focus the mind

  • Affirmations help children feel more confident in themselves

Topic of the day 
Kids acquire current knowledge about a subject and are able to freely express their ideas, opinions, and visions. They learn how to work in teams and respect each other ideas and opinions. Each class kids learn one of the following:




3-D Printing


Survival & Life Skills

Sound & energy healing

Organic Gardening







Hands-on project 

Kids also learn in a kinesthetic manner. This hands-on approach to learning helps them retain information and focus on the subject matter in question​ and allows them experience what is being taught first hand. We make the learning process fun and exciting for everyone. All materials are included with the class and kids are able to bring home their creations.


The class ends with meditation and relaxation, utilizing visualization, and breathing techniques. These methods help the children:

  • Increase concentration

  • Improve self-acceptance and self esteem

  • Control anger and hyperactivity

  • Decrease stress