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Kids of Tomorrow Program 

  • You can customize the program to fit your needs and budget

  • Designed to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

  • Available as one-day workshop, after-school program, or  seasonal camp

  • Classes can be taught in English or Spanish  

  • The program is available to be presented in other states and countries in the world 

Here is a sample of our most popular 2 weeks program

Schedule week 1

3D art
Kids will learn about 3D printing and obtained a rich understanding of what 3D printing is, how the printers work, and how this new technology is being used to revolutionize our world. In this hands-on adventure, Kids will create a 3D piece of art for them to take home.


Kids will learn how to navigate without the use of technology. They will learn how to use a compass, and learn basic astronomy using the position of the sun and stars to find their position and direction.  They will learn how to navigate using a map, then they get to make their own maps.


Green energy
Kids will learn about all different sources of renewable energy. They will learn how electric cars work, how to power a clock with potatoes, how to make a dynamo lantern and a wind turbine.


Kids will learn the properties and uses of many different kinds of crystals, and how to use a rock tumbler to smooth and polish their stones. They will crack open genuine rock geodes and examine them from the inside out.  Kids especially enjoy creating their own beautiful and unique gemstone bracelet.


Earth Science
Kids will acquire knowledge and learn fun facts about the Earth, the role of animals and plants in nature, climate change vs global warming, and all the different ways we can help Mother Earth.  They are always excited to make snow and build their own amazing terrarium project to take home.

Week 2

Sound and Energy Healing
Kids will learn how music and sound affect our senses and will conduct scientific experiments to understand frequencies and vibrations.  Kids will learn different ways we can heal our body by understanding the 7 major chakras (energy points) of the body. Together, the kids will create and record a beautiful music meditation to take home and share with their family and friends.


Technology and Robotics
The kids will learn about machines, robots and the latest advances in AI (artificial intelligence). They will be able to compare two solar robots that were designed and built just for this class.  One robot has low-efficiency solar cells and the other has high-efficiency cells.  The kids will be able to see and understand the differences between them and how they are used.


Kids will learn how engineers use science and math to build and test their inventions and solve problems. They will learn the basics of engineering by designing and drawing their own bridge.


Kids will learn about our solar system, the stars and constellations, deep space, quasars, nebulas, galaxies, black holes, wormholes, the Van Allen radiation belt and all the newest discoveries in space exploration.


Healthy Eating (Growing up Healthy)
Kids will learn the amazing properties of plants for our nutrition and well-being, the difference between organic, naturally grown and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) foods, how to prepare the soil and plant organic vegetables and fruits in an outdoor or indoor garde

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